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In 2010, I came across a photo on Facebook of what I thought was “The Perfect Physique”. I had no idea who it was in the picture but I was definitely inspired. I saved the photo on my phone and used it as a wallpaper for motivation. I told myself “One day I’m gonna have a body like that”!

It’s crazy how somebody can move you without speaking a single word to you. A photo was all it took.

Fast forward 3 years later in March of 2013 I came across that same photo through someone’s Instagram post, this time it was tagged and linked to a man named Pham Vu. I contacted him immediately and signed up for 2 months of online coaching which came with a meal plan, workout plan and unlimited contact for a very reasonable fee. Finally, the man who’s physique I had been admiring became My Coach, which to me was a blessing!

Before signing up with Pham, I had gotten a quote from another well known online coach. Pham gave me a quote which was less than half that of the other guy, plus Pham wasn’t at all arrogant like “the other guy”, so I didn’t even have to think about it. I signed up immediately. They say you get what you pay for but with Pham you get a lot more than what you pay for. Trust me.

My first impression of Pham was that he was very easy going, down to earth and humble. He responded to my emails and texts almost instantly. He seemed to have a sense of urgency and had an earnest and persistent quality. I liked that about him. Professional and very sensitive to timing. He seemed just as excited as I was to get started if not more!

Before beginning my program , Pham first took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle and my diet before writing out my program. I informed him that I was into all natural supplements and whole foods and was not interested in taking anything artificial or any supplements with unnatural ingredients. Pham was able to make a program for me that worked around that. He never forced me to take anything I didn’t want or anything I was against eating or drinking. Throughout the 2 months with Pham, he checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing and answered all my questions promptly. Contacting him was never a problem. He was always there. Always complimenting and always motivating. I would have some bad days so sometimes I really needed those words of encouragement…

Pham’s program is a no nonsense program. It is simple yet very effective. I saw results almost instantly. In no way was the program always easy but the improvements I was seeing along with Pham’s motivation pushed me to keep going!

As my body was changing so did my workouts. I didn’t stick to just one routine. Pham was always making adjustments to my program as we went along.

Today, I can say that I am more than happy with my results. My before and after pics speak for itself. Choosing Pham to be my Coach was a Great investment and a life changing experience . I not only gained a better body and more knowledge but I also made a really good friend. Pham was the fuel to my flame, my daily motivation and inspiration! Because of him I am now living a healthier lifestyle. I look better and feel better than I ever did before. Pham helped me to walk with my head up high, not in arrogance but with a new confidence. I have a new spring in my step!

Someone once told me that the more successful we become the more humble we should be. Pham Vu is a great example of that! He is genuine in really wanting to help other people succeed. If you want to be successful, follow someone who already is. Don’t try to do it on your own especially if you’re just starting out. Let Pham’s knowledge and experience guide you! If you’re looking for a fitness coach, look no further! Pham Vu is “The Man”! He’ll help you reach your full potential. He changed my life. He can change yours too and I hope I can inspire others the way I have been inspired by Pham Vu.

Get it right! Get it tight!
Jan-Michael Manuel

Before I started my weightloss program my health had reached its all time low.  Due to my weight gain, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and High blood pressure. As the pounds kept adding up, I would notice more and more that I was becoming irritated, not only at myself but at the people around me. It wasn’t fair to my loved ones to be treated this way for something that was not their fault. Something had to give. I knew it was due to my weight gain that I was unhappy and now it was placing a burden on my family, but I still lacked motivation. I decided to contact Coach Pham just to see what he could do for me. After a couple of exchanged emails, I was instantly motivated and so was he to help me. Coach Pham told me to dedicate myself to the program and he would dedicate his time to me. At times I wanted to quit but Coach Pham wouldn’t let me. He constantly reminded me of what we were trying to achieve and to believe in the program. With his motivation, meal plan and training program that he customized for me I was able to exceed our total weight loss goal. 43lbs in 8 WEEKS! Thanks Coach for all that you have done for me!

-Tom Nguyen (RN)  Virginia, USA

Bridal Fit Program

Bridal Fit Program

Pham thank you so much for helping us look our best for each other brotha!

-Erika and Mario, FL

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  1. Sean Carroll

    Hi. I was just wondering what your coaching program offers and is this actually pham vu who is putting this together. I know it takes years to get a body like Phams but does this coaching program show exactly how to get that sort of body (big traps, shoulders, chest, arms etc) and explain the foods, supplements etc. Right now I workout now and again so I am in good shape but not great. I would like to get close to the level Pham is at if possible over the coming yrs. Also, how much is the coaching. Thanks


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